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The Indian Army on campaign 1900-1939

1/9 Middlesex Regiment in India 1914-18

The following important collection of photographs were taken by Captain Maurice Mendes, who served as an other rank with the 1/9th Middlesex Regiment in India before receiving a temporary commission in the 1st Battalion, 103rd Mahratta Light Infantry. He served along the North West Frontier of India with his Regiment during 1918-1919, and recorded his wartime experiences with these photographs. The photos below are not the complete collection, and belong to his son Mr.Brian Mendes. They may not be re-produced without his permission.

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1/9th Middlesex Guard at Dinapore

On Guard, Magazine at Dinapore

At Cossipore Arsenal

Sgt. Maurice. Mendes - Jhelum

Bazaar - Jhelum

Men of the 1/9th Middlesex Regiment

Pipeline. Only Road to Ghora Dhaka

Pipeline. Privates Vincent, Rogers, Hiscocks

Off on Leave to Calcutta. All Smiles.

Some of the Lads at Calcutta

Private J.White V.C. (Right of lady with hat) and Sgt.P. Epstein D.C.M. (centre floor)

Back from Calcutta leave - No smiles. Privates Divis, Cohen, Daino, Jacobs, Miller.

Original Terrier Concert Party at Murree, Nichels, Hines, Kuke, Vincent, Lewis, Nichols, Scales, Creasey, Monk.

Murree Hills

Murree Hills

Loading up at Sunny Bank, Murree

Traveling from Murree to Rawalpindi